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If possible at all I'd like to run two, more or less independent, servers on the bus exchanging messages. I'm struggling to get it to work, some sketchy code below.

How do I tie the receiver class to the receiver server and how do I do the configuration per server and the global one?


import cherrypy

class Receiver():

  def incoming(self, **kwargs):
    receives POSTed data, pushes it onto the cherrypy bus
    input_json = cherrypy.request.json
    msg = "event: time\ndata: {}\n\n".format(str(input_json['cpu']))
    cherrypy.engine.publish("the_data", msg)
    return ""

# app specific conf
srvReceiver = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'srvReceiver.conf')
cherrypy.tree.mount(Receiver(), '/', srvReceiver)

class Transmitter():

  def outgoing(self):
    publishes data from the subscribed channel...
    channel = 'the_data'
    ... etc.

  def index(self):
    return open('index.html')

# app specific conf
srvTransmit = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'srvTransmit.conf')
cherrypy.tree.mount(Transmit(), '/', srvTransmit)

receiver = ServerAdapter(bus, receiver.HTTPServer(host='', port=8080))
transmit = ServerAdapter(bus, transmit.HTTPServer(host='', port=8081))

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