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23.1.92; python-expand-template docu

Andreas Röhler-2


python.el provides templates inserting compound statements like `if', `for' etc. - a nice feature.

AFAIS it's for use in two ways -

1) as an abbrev expanded
2) by calling `python-expand-template', afterwards the user is prompted.

See only the first usage mentioned in the docu.  The
latter may be more suitable for beginners, as it's done
expressingly only - no automatic abbreviation expansion.

Suggest to extend the docstring of `python-use-skeletons' with something like

"In any case you may use skeletons, calling `python-expand-template'."

Also description of `define-derived-mode python-mode' which closes now:

"An abbrev table is set up with skeleton expansions for compound statement templates."

should mention `python-use-skeletons'.

Thanks all



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