3rd / Technical Co-Founder Needed!

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3rd / Technical Co-Founder Needed!

Justin Johnson
Hi All,

Our team is on the hunt for a technical co-founder to complete the group.  We are looking for a Python/JavaScript developer with experience in e-commerce, a passion for starts ups and the desire to take ownership of a platform ground up.

We are currently two fully committed young people with a couple investors and advisors.  We have product management and UX/UI covered, now we need a backend engineer to join the team so we can go full speed ahead.

If you think online shopping could be easier and are looking for your piece of the pie in the rapidly growing online shopping space, please reach out to me to set up a conversation.  We will buy you a beer or coffee and I promise our conversation won't be boring.

We have a demo to share, a couple hundred organic beta sign-ups via our landingpage and will tell you all about the co-founders.  We are based out of the SOMA district of San Francisco.

Best Regards, 


What are the top requirements to qualify for this position?

Fit is going to be critical: someone who appreciates open and forward communication, and wants to work in a leadership capacity.

Experience working in the eCommerce space is preferred, and a desire to redefine online shopping is a necessity.

Demonstrated ability to develop applications in Python.

Primary work will be development on the backend with systems and deep database structures.

Why is this position open?

This is not the first time that GoKRT’s idea has been applied to online shopping.

There are huge databases of shopping information, online affiliate programs have matured, and e-stores are fine with simply filling orders. Browser extensions also open up an opportunity to do things differently before.

All of these factors have created an opportunity that is different than when this was tried 5 years ago.

The timing is right to redefine online shopping, and make the customer experience better. 
Right now there are two members and we are looking to complete out team with the third cofounder. We have business development and UX/UI covered.

We want people to see GoKRT as making their lives easier with online shopping.

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