A panel with Guido/python-dev on scientific uses and Python 3 at Google HQ, March 2nd

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A panel with Guido/python-dev on scientific uses and Python 3 at Google HQ, March 2nd

Fernando Perez
Hi all,

I wanted to point out to you folks, and invite any of you who could
make it in person, to a panel discussion we'll be having on Friday
March 2nd, at 3pm, during the PyData workshop that will take place at
Google's headquarters in Mountain View:


The PyData workshop is organized by several developers coming from the
numerical/scientific side of the Python world, and we thought this
would be a good opportunity, both timing- and logistics-wise, for a
discussion with as many Python developers as possible.  The upcoming
Python 3.3 release, the lifting of the language moratorium, the
gradual (but slow) uptake of Python 3 in science, the continued and
increasing growth of Python as a tool in scientific research and
education, etc, are all good reasons for thinking this could be a
productive discussion.

This is the thread on the Numpy mailing list where we've had some
back-and-forth about ideas:


Guido has already agreed to participate, and a number of developers
for 'core' scientific Python projects will be present at the panel,

- Travis Oliphant, Peter Wang, Mark Wiebe, Stefan van der Walt (Numpy, Scipy)
- John Hunter (Matplotlib)
- Fernando Perez, Brian Granger, Min Ragan-Kelley (IPython)
- Dag Sverre Seljebotn (Numpy, Cython)

It would be great if as many core Python developers for whom a Bay
Area Friday afternoon drive to Mountain View is feasible could attend.
 Those of you already at Google will hopefully all make it, of course

We hope this discussion will be a good start for interesting
developments that require dialog between the 'science crowd' and
python-dev.  Several of us will also be available at PyCon 2012, so if
there's interest we can organize an informal follow-up/BoF on this
topic the next week at PyCon.

Please forward this information to anyone you think might be
interested (I'll be posting in a second to the Bay Piggies list).

If you are not a Googler nor already registered for PyData, but would
like to attend, please let me know by emailing me at:

[hidden email]

We have room for a few extra people (in addition to PyData attendees)
for this particular meeting, and we'll do our best to accomodate you.
Please let me know if you're a core python committer in your message.

I'd like to thank Google for their hospitality in hosting us for
PyData, and Guido for his willingness to take part in this discussion.
 I hope it will be a productive one for all involved.


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