[ANN] IPython 7.1 on PyPI and other stuff.

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[ANN] IPython 7.1 on PyPI and other stuff.

Matthias Bussonnier
Hi all, 

It is my pleasure to announce the release of IPython 7.1. just a month after 7.0.
As unusual it is already on PyPI so you can upgrade with :

$ pip install ipython --upgrade


There are many small task left if you wish to participate in finishing releasing 7.1:
Like for example updating wikipedia entry if you want to earn some wikipedia cred, update ipython.org news section, update the conda recipe, to have IPython available soon on conda-forge... IF you have never one it it's also time to learn.

As a personal note, I am no longer employed full-time to work on IPython/Jupyter, and I am no longer working at UC Berkeley since slightly over a month ago, so you've likely already seen me less during working hours on the various projects – and hence why this release is on the week-end. So looking for help to maintain IPython and keep track of what's happening.

I remind you that on the IPython repo, you should all have the ability to tag and close issue via our bot, and that triaging issues/PR is of tremendous help to be help other contributors and maintainers find the correct tasks.


A number of bug fixes (especially for command line IPython) in this release (31 issues and 54 pull requests) vs (20 issues and merged 76 pull requests for 7.0), so not a small release. + **compatibility with Python 3.7.1** 

You can see what's new there:
There are a couple of user-facing changes in \latex<tab> completion, for Vi keybinding, 
and a few changes in the IPython directive for sphinx. 


We in particular welcome Jonathan Slender  (prompt toolkit author) to the team to recognise all his good work. 

Many thanks to all the contributors who participated (and are still participating to hacktoberfest), we had many good contributions, you've earned your t-shirt. If you haven't participated it's still time !


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