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ANN: Paste Packages 0.3

I'm pleased to release the first official packaging of the Paste suite
of tools.  I'm starting at 0.3 -- less committal than 1.0, but more
confident than 0.1... just right for now.

Python Paste aims brings consistency to Python web development and web
application installation, providing tools for both developers and
system administrators.  Paste includes these packages:

Paste (Core):
    A set of tools for building web frameworks, built on WSGI.

Paste Deploy:
    A configuration loader for composing WSGI applications into
    application instances (and implicitly a sort of application

Paste Script:
    A pluggable script (paster) for application development,
    particularly web development.

Paste WebKit:
    A reimplementation of the Webware API, implemented with the tools
    in Paste Core, the configuration of Paste Deploy, and the
    application setup of Paste Script.

    An alpha framework taking some of the ideas from WebKit, and
    presenting them in a simplified and more decoupled form.




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