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ANN: PyAMF 0.1

Thijs Triemstra
We released PyAMF 0.1, a lightweight library that allows Flash and Python applications to communicate via Adobe's ActionScript Message Format.
AMF3 and RemoteObject are supported in all the implemented Remoting gateways, currently supported for Django, Twisted and WSGI.

A summary of new features features and improvements in this release:

- TwistedGateway now expects deferred from service functions
- Added expose_request to TwistedGateway
- New error handling api useful for registering custom exception classes
- When a client receives a remoting error, an exception is generated 
- expose_request per service control vastly improved 
- Improved authentication per service control 
- uuid is no longer installed when using Python 2.5 or newer 
- The inheritance tree was not consulted when encoding attributes 
- TypedObjects didn't work with old style classes
- ErrorFault now prints details

Check out the download page [1], installation instructions [2] and examples [3].

Questions? First stop is the mailing list [4], but we also hang out on [5].


- the PyAMF team

[5] <a href="irc://">irc://