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ANN: PyAMF 0.2

Thijs Triemstra
We released PyAMF 0.2, a lightweight library that allows Flash and Python applications to communicate via Adobe's ActionScript Message Format.
AMF3 and RemoteObject are supported in all the implemented Remoting gateways, currently supported for Django, Twisted, Web2Py and WSGI.

This release comes with the following changes:

- Encoding/decoding performance has been increased 2x for AMF0 and upto 10x(!) for AMF3 (Ticket:198)
- Logging is now possible in all the supported gateways (Ticket:173)
- Python 2.3 support (Ticket:33)
- Python 2.6 support (Ticket:222)
- Made PyAMF distributable as zip-based Python Egg (Ticket:193)
- Encoders/Decoders now check for __getstate__/__setstate__ respectively (Ticket:209)
- A new preprocessor function that runs after authentication, but before invoking the service method (Ticket:196)
- authenticator can now be decorated with expose_request (Ticket:195)
- Removed amfinfo console_script (Ticket:226)
- Gateway import hack has now been removed - permanently (Ticket:224)

Check out the download page [1], installation instructions [2] and examples [3].
Questions? First stop is the mailing list [4], but we also hang out on [5].


- the PyAMF team

[5] <a href="irc://">irc://