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ANN: PyDev released

Fabio Zadrozny
Hi All,

PyDev - Python IDE (Python Development Enviroment for Eclipse) version has been released.

Check the homepage ( for more details.

Details for Release:

Major highlights:

    * Java 1.4 support reintroduced.
    * Styles added for syntax highlighting (bold and italic),
contributed by Gerhard Kalab.

Others that are new and noteworthy:

    * zombie process after exiting eclipse should not happen anymore
    * paths with '.' are accepted for the pythonpath (unless they start
with a '.', because it may not accept relative paths).
    * relative imports are added to code-completion
    * local imports are taken into consideration when doing code completion
    * debugger has 'change support', so, changed variables in a scope
appear red



Fabio Zadrozny
Software Developer

ESSS - Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software

PyDev - Python Development Enviroment for Eclipse