[ANN] Python XML Schema Bindings 1.0.0

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[ANN] Python XML Schema Bindings 1.0.0

Peter Bigot-4
PyXB version 1.0.0 is now available from SourceForge at:

PyXB (Python XML Schema Bindings; "pixbee") is a pure Python package
that generates Python source code for classes that correspond to data
structures defined by XMLSchema.  In concept it is similar to JAXB for
Java and CodeSynthesis XSD for C++.  The current release supports XML
Schema 1.0.

Version 1.0.0 is feature-complete and suitable for production
development where validation of incoming and generated documents is
desired.  The following schema constructs are supported:

   * Class constants corresponding to string enumeration constraints
   * Simple and complex type definitions
   * List and union datatypes
   * Constraints on (simple) datatypes (e.g., minInclusive, length)
   * Model groups and attribute groups
   * Complex content models (all, sequence, choice); minOccurs and
   * Abstract types, xsi:type, substitution groups
   * Nillable elements with xsi:nil
   * Namespace qualified attributes and elements
   * Documentation annotations present in the schema are converted to
Python docstrings in the generated bindings.
   * Pattern constraints (as long as the simple type derives from
something that is represented as a Python string)

The full distribution includes generated bindings for twenty-three
namespaces related to web services (including several versions of SOAP
and WSDL), and twenty-eight namespaces from the Open Geospatial
Consortium's Geographic Information System schema.

For further information and links to the support forum and mailing list,
please consult the documentation available at: http://pyxb.sourceforge.net/


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