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ANN: WSGIUtils 0.7

Colin Stewart

I've release WSGIUtils 0.7.  This is a minor update, but with at one notable fix.  Here's what's changed:

New features:
- Added minimal support for SetupTools.

Bug fixes:
- Changed "error.timeout" to "socket.timeout".
- Changed package name from "WSGI Utils" to "WSGIUtils" for greater compatibility with other tools.

The package can be found at

WSGIUtils is a package of standalone utility libraries that ease the development of simple WSGI programs.  The package is divided into two main components which can be used individualy or in combination:
  • wsgiServer is a multi-threaded WSGI web server based on SimpleHTTPServer.
  • wsgiAdaptor is a simple WSGI application that provides basic authentication, signed cookies and persistent sessions.

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