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[ANN] XPN 0.4.6

XPN (X Python Newsreader XPN) is a multi-platform newsreader with
Unicode support. It has features like scoring/actions, X-Face and Face
decoding, muting of quoted text, newsrc import/export, find article and
search in the body, spoiler char/rot13, random taglines, and
configurable attribution lines.

You can find it here:


This is mainly a bug-fix release.
Any feedback or help is really appreciated.
If you want to translate XPN in your language you'll find the XPN.pot
file inside the "lang" directory.

New in the release:
    * v0.4.6: improved speed in article retrieving.
    * v0.4.6: added an indicator of unread articles in thread, now you
      don't have to open the thread in order to know if it contains
      unread articles.    
    * v0.4.6: now the "CANCEL" works again, and"SUPERSEDE" lets you
      re-edit the original article text.  
    * v0.4.6: fixed some pygtk issues, now XPN works correctly also with
      pygtk2.6 (and GTK2.6)  
    * v0.4.6: fixed a bug in the "Edit Mail" window that caused some
      errors when closing the window.  
    * v0.4.6: now the Error Dialog is shown also when XPN isn't able to
      start(thanks to Antonio Valentino).
    * v0.4.6: fixed some issues with shelve module that caused problems
      on some FreeBSD systems.
    * v0.4.6: some improvements in the french translation (thanks to
      Patrick Lamaiziere)  
    * v0.4.6: some changes in the "raw view" management.    
    * v0.4.6: changed subversion

 |\ |       |HomePage   : http://nem01.altervista.org
 | \|emesis |XPN (my nr): http://xpn.altervista.org
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