ANN: dbf.py 0.90.001

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ANN: dbf.py 0.90.001

Ethan Furman-2
Still messing with .dbf files?

Somebody brought you a 15 year old floppy, which still luckily (?)
worked, and now wants that ancient data?

dbf to the rescue!

Supported tables/features
   - dBase III
   - FoxPro
   - Visual FoxPro supported
   - Null value

Supported field types
   - Char
   - Date
   - Logical
   - Memo
   - Numeric
   - Currency (returns Decimal)
   - DateTime
   - Double
   - Float (same as Numeric)
   - General
   - Integer
   - Picture

Still to come (or, Not Yet Working ;)

  - Index files (although you can create temporary
    memory indices)
  - auto incrementing fields

Latest version can be found on PyPI at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/dbf.

Comments, bug reports, etc, appreciated!


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