ANN: eric 18.12 released

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ANN: eric 18.12 released

Detlev Offenbach



I just uploaded eric 18.12. It fixes some bugs and adds these new features.

  • Editor
    • changed the 'Regexp' search option to use QScintilla's POSIX mode, where ( and ) are used for tagging (instead of \( and \))
  • LogViewer
    • added the capability to search for a regular expression (Qt >= 5.3.0 is required for this)
  • Project Forms Browser
    • added support for the --resource-suffix= and --import-from= options of pyuic (the PyQt forms compiler)
  • Shell, ShellWindow
    • added the capability to search for a regular expression with QScintilla's POSIX mode
    • changed the start menu to give a list of defined environments
    • added capability to start the shell for the environment defined by the open project
  • Translator
    • added a button to open the Translator configuration page
  • VirtualEnv Manager
  • extended the environment definition by a flag indicating an Anaconda environment and a string to be prepended to the PATH environment variable

It is available via the eric web site.





Detlev Offenbach

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