ANN: eric 19.09 released

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ANN: eric 19.09 released

Detlev Offenbach

Hello Pythonistas,


I just uploaded eric 19.09. It fixes some bugs and adds these new features.

  • MicroPython
    • added widgets to support development for embedded micro controllers with MicroPython (ESP8266/ESP32, CircuitPython and BBC micro:bit)
  • Main Window
    • added an action to the Windows menu to activate the current editor
  • Mercurial Interface
    • added an action to commit a merge
  • Web Browser (NG)
    • added support for the QWebEnginePage.Notifications as Qt 5.13.0
  • API Files
  • added API files for MicroPython, CircuitPython and BBC micro:bit MicroPython and updated the PyQt5 API files
  • API Generator
  • added the -i switch to ignore the existence of builtin modules when creating API files

It is available via the eric web site or PyPI.





Detlev Offenbach

[hidden email]

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