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ANN: hgview 1.4.0 - Mercurial log navigator

Alain Leufroy
Announcing HgView 1.4.0

HgView home page:


Hg repository:

About this release

Text mode inside make it into hgview 1.4.0!

This release introduces a *new text based* user interface thanks to the
urwid library ( )

This interface includes the following features:

* display the revision graph (with working directory as a node, and basic support for the mq),
* display the files affected by a selected changeset (with basic support for the bfiles),
* display diffs (with syntax highlighting thanks to pygments),
* automatically refresh the displayed revision graph when the repository is being modified,
* easy key-based navigation in revisions' history of a repo (same as the GUI),
* a command system for special actions (see help)

To use it type : ``hgview --interface curses`` (or configure it permanently in your config file)

There are also some bugfixes.

About HgView

hgview is a simple tool aiming at visually navigate in a Mercurial (hg) repository history.
It is written in Python with quick and efficient key-based navigation in mind, trying to be fast
enough for big repositories.

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