ANN : jpydbg V0.0.12 released

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ANN : jpydbg V0.0.12 released

Hi All ,

Version 0.0.12 of JpyDbg ( Python/Jython IDE plugin for Jedit ) has been released.

Check the Home page : for details
          blog page :

What's new in V0.012 :

+ BIG IMPROVEMENT :  The variable Window is now a clean and lean Python Object  memory
browser based on a Swing tree table : You can navigate recursivelly Local and global
Python instances and last but not least  you can dynamically change the final node data instances  
+ IMPROVEMENT: Jython environment configuration have been simplifed.
+ IMPROVEMENT :  Clean isolation of Jython and Python configuration contexts
+ IMPROVEMENT :  Check button for  Jython / Python configuration correctness
+ IMPROVEMENT :  PYTHON PATH management has been revisited and improved


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