ANN: jyjdbc 0.0.2 now available

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ANN: jyjdbc 0.0.2 now available

Chris Clark-2
The pure Jython (Python in the JVM) JDBC dbapi pep-249 driver, jyjdbc
0.0.2 is now available from:

At the moment jyjdbc passes more of than zxJDBC.

I suspect I'm the only user of jyjdbc at the moment :-)

I'm hoping to convince enough people to give jyjdbc a try so we can
ditch zxJDBC. zxJDBC was useful when it was first released but I no
longer find it useful and the bugs/deficiencies with it annoy me. Rather
than gripe about it further I have an alternative, I think jyjdbc is
going to be easier to maintain. If you are a Python developer using a
database driver, you probably have enough development skills to help
update this driver if there are problems.

Right now the weakness of jyjdbc is a lack of testing with other
drivers. I've got the start of a test suite.
If anyone with Derby experience is willing to help out please contact
me. I keep getting timeout errors from the Embedded Derby Engine
(irrespective of whether I use jyjdbc or zxjdbc).


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