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[ANN] txwsgi 0.1

Manlio Perillo-3
I'm pleased to announce txwsgi, version 0.1.

txwsgi is a fork of twisted.web.wsgi, that, unlike the original
implementation, executes the WSGI application in the main I/O thread.

txwsgi implements the proposed x-wsgiorg.suspend extension, that enables
support to asynchronous WSGI applications.

Some examples are available in the doc/examples directory, in the source

The project is available on BitBucket:

More informations are available in the README file.
The x-wsgiorg.suspend extension is specified in doc/wsgiorg.suspend.rst.
I will starte a new thread for official approval process.

I have tried to write as much documentation possible, also taking into
consideration feedback received in previous threads; thanks for the support.

Thanks and regards  Manlio Perillo
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