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Lee Harr-3

pybotwar is a fun and educational game where players
write computer programs to control simulated robots.


pybotwar uses pybox2d for the physical simulation.
It can be run in text-only mode -- useful for longer
tournaments -- or use pyqt or pygame for a graphical
interface and visualization of the action.

pybotwar is released under GPLv3.

Changes in pybotwar-0.7:
    - pybox2d-2.0.2b1 compatibility (latest pybox2d release)
    - decouple view modules so unused graphic modules are not required
    - added new "pinged" sensor to detect when robot is seen by others
    - randomize order robots are handled each tick
    - PyQt4 interface improvements
        - new battle dialog to select combatants
        - internal text editor improvements
        - allow multiple open editor windows
        - do a few simple checks on robot programs when saving

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