[Announce] Python-Future v0.13; cheatsheet for Python 2/3 compatible code

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[Announce] Python-Future v0.13; cheatsheet for Python 2/3 compatible code

Ed Schofield-3
Hi all,

I am happy to announce an update to Python-Future for Python 2/3 compatibility and a new cheat-sheet for writing code compatible with both versions.

Here?s the "What?s New" page for v0.13:


Here?s the Py2/3 compatibility cheat-sheet:


or as a PDF:


The cheat-sheet accompanies a talk I gave at PyCon AU 2014 last weekend called ?Writing Python 2/3 compatible code?. I will add a link to the video and slides from the cheat-sheet page when they are online.

I would be happy to accept pull requests for additions or changes to the Py2/3 cheat-sheet. The source is here:


Best wishes,

Dr. Edward Schofield
Python Charmers

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