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Anyone Tested this? Please Participate.

coded kid
Hello, I’m not getting the usage of the package (Django-Follow) in
template, because I keep getting error. What I did is this; I want to
use it for following of users. Just like how friends add each other up
or follow each other on sites like twitter.
So I registered it with UserProfile in models,py.


And UserProfile consists of fields like names, state, country, etc.

After registering it in models, I went on to profiles template and
‘include /follow/form.html’ so that if a user finds another users
profile, and both are not following each other, it will be easy for
one of them to make the request by following. But I keep getting

My question now is this: How will I make use of it in the template?
What is the best way of doing this?

If you've used Django-Follow package before, kindly help me out with
this, Thanks!

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