April London Python Code Dojo

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April London Python Code Dojo

Nicholas H.Tollervey
Hi Folks,

It's taking place on Thursday 7th April 2011 at the usual place.

Sign up here:


Recently tickets have been selling like hot-cakes. If you *do* sign up
and realise you can't make it after all *please* let me know since we've
had a waiting list for the past three dojos.

In this dojo we’re aiming to continue with our quest to build a top-down
dungeon / world in PyGame. Specifically, we’ll be looking at making the
game a multi-user networked affair. No prior knowledge of PyGame or a
coding dojo is required to attend this event – just an open and
enthusiastic attitude! :-)

We might have a couple of speakers giving short talks to kick off the
event too (tbc).

Pizza and beer start at 6:30pm and coding/talks will start at 7:30. We
aim to finish 9:30ish.

Free pizza and beer will be provided. (Thanks Fry-IT)

Participants get the chance to win a cool book: “XMPP: The Definitive
Guide” (thanks O’Reilly). This is a great book to win since this dojo
will include a quick look at XMPP.

Oh yeah... as a test run for ordering stickers for Fluidinfo I got a
bunch of London Python Dojo stickers done using the "logo" on this
month's site. Grab 'em on a first come first serve basis. ;-)

Looking forward to it,


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