August Talks: Call For Speakers

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August Talks: Call For Speakers

kracekumar ramaraju

The next month, "BangPypers Talks" is on August 19th [0]. The theme for the
meetup is "Machine Learning Techniques." The talks can be in any domain.
You can speak about Image classifiers, NLP, neural network design, use
cases and success stories.

Machine learning/deep learning is a heavy math subject. To understand how
machine learning works, various sub-related fields exposure is a mandate.
BangPypers caters to a broad audience, with different work and academic
titles. Our audience has an abundant curiosity to learn. We know as a
speaker; you spend a significant time to prepare and share your wisdom with
the crowd. That's an incredible skill to possess and improve. We appreciate
the efforts by all speakers. Because of your work, our audience learn,
apply them at work, attend again, spread the news, and their friends attend
the meetups.

From our last meetup feedback [1] and observation, the organizing team
would like to suggest some guidelines for speakers.

1. Share the prerequisite for attending the talk. Suggest preferred reading
materials and videos if any.
2. Use different aids to teach a concept. Show the math, Python code for
the math and visual elements like Graphs, diagrams, charts in continuation.
It's easier for the audience to grok the concept when math, code, and
visuals go in hand together.
3. Spend 5 minutes in the end in summarizing the key concepts.
4. In previous meetups, the maximum talk duration was 45 minutes. For the
series, the maximum talk slot duration is up to one hour and fifteen
minutes. It's lengthy. The reason to extend the talking slot is to allow
the speaker to build the foundation, explain the hard things, compare
different models and engage with the audience. This doesn't mean, all the
talks should take an hour and fifteen minutes. Proposing talk with ten, or
thirty minutes is acceptable.

In case you would like to give a talk, please reply with following details.

1. Title
2. Description
3. Prerequisites to attend the talk with links for audience to prepare
4. Slot Duration

If you like to host the future meetup at your work place, please contact
us. You can read about what we look from the host in "Venue" section from
one of the previous blog post [2].

We would like to conduct Machine learning, deep learning workshops in
future. If this interests you please contact us.


Thanks & Regards

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