[Bangpypers] Bangpypers June talk session and Rootconf this weekend

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[Bangpypers] Bangpypers June talk session and Rootconf this weekend

Abhiram R
Hi all,
We have this month's Bangpypers talk sessions happening on the 22nd June.
We will be sending out the agenda for this shortly.

But there's also *Rootconf 2019, conducted by Hasgeek on 21st and 22nd June*.
So for those interested in the i*nfrastructure, SRE processes, distributed
systems, and automating infrastructure*, here's the schedule :

Hasgeek has generously provided Bangpypers members a discount URL which
entities members of the BangPypers community to a 10% discount on the
two-day pass that can be availed here -
So do check out the conference and get those tickets here ^!

Additionally, leading up to Rootconf, Hasgeek is also hosting 3 events this
week -

   1. Icinga meetup with Bernd Erk on 19 June:
   2. Ansible users' meetup on 20 June:
   3. Discussion on open standards with Bernd Erk and Jiten Vaidya on 20

These are free to attend. But, do RSVP on the links above.

*If this seems like too much information, that's because it is. But I urge
you to go through the mail again so you don't miss out on information that
will potentially interest you on the second read.*

*Contact details - *
For doubts regarding *Bangpypers* , mail me <[hidden email]>  or
DM me @abhicantdraw <https://twitter.com/abhicantdraw> (the schedule for
June will be sent by tonight).
For doubts regarding *Rootconf*, mail Zainab Bawa <[hidden email]> /
Anwesha <[hidden email]>  or reach to Zainab on Twitter at @zainabbawa

Abhiram R <https://abhiramr.com/>
Co-organizer, Bangpypers
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