[Bangpypers] Sep 5 Meetup Link if you've RSVP-ed

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[Bangpypers] Sep 5 Meetup Link if you've RSVP-ed

Abhiram R
Hi all,
If you've RSVP-ed for tomorrow's meetup, you should have received the
meetup link.
In case you haven't RSVP-ed yet though, here's the link to RSVP -

I will be sending a second wave of HopIn Meetup links in the morning to
everyone who's RSVP-ed.
So if you RSVP just now, please expect a mail in the morning.

If you've RSVP-ed and you haven't received the Meetup Link, again, watch
out for it at around 9.15 AM. And if you don't get it, please let us know
at [hidden email] , [hidden email] or [hidden email]
and we will help you out.

See you tomorrow :)

Abhiram R <http://abhiramr.com>
PS - print("Number of times RSVP has been said in this mail = 7")
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