[Bangpypers] The big data paradox - A public lecture ( today -9th Oct , 5.45 PM - 8 PM) conducted by Hasgeek

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[Bangpypers] The big data paradox - A public lecture ( today -9th Oct , 5.45 PM - 8 PM) conducted by Hasgeek

Abhiram R
Hi all,
In our daily workings with Python and its powerful libraries in the
Data Science
domain (among others), it's easy to understand why we intuitively
believe adages
like - "More data is good", "The more, the better" etc, because, for the
most part, they do help in solving problems more accurately by considering
larger representative data - the kind of representation that is possible
just by virtue of the sheer quantity of it.

Today's public (& free) lecture conducted by Hasgeek <https://hasgeek.com>
however, is titled - *The big data paradox: how a company like Mozilla is
focussing on better data, not more
 -where Stan Leong, Dr. Rebecca Weiss and Urmkia - Mika - Devi Shah from
Mozilla's senior Leadership will be sharing their experiences about
creating first-class products that don’t compromise personal data and focus
instead on what matters: function, performance, engagement, and trust.

This is an intriguing premise and I think it'd benefit you to attend as
well, if you're working even remotely with data (big or small :) )

More details about the event -

Today - 9th Oct , 5.45 PM - 8 PM

Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Domlur
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/hACDP8Ftkjb8Bfej7

*If you're unable to attend it offline, they'll be livestreaming it as well
at - https://hasgeek.tv <https://hasgeek.tv>*

Abhiram R <https://abhiramr.com>
(Co-organiser - Bangpypers)
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