Burning Man seeks Python / Zope / Plone developer

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Burning Man seeks Python / Zope / Plone developer

Rob Miller
Hi everyone,

Burning Man is looking for someone to assist with their ongoing Plone
development efforts.  Please feel free to forward this to any qualified
folks who might be interested.




Burning Man is looking for an experienced Python developer to take a
lead role in the maintenance and development of a number of web-based
systems built using the Plone content management system.  The role
involves the following responsibilities:

- providing support for and making incremental improvements (bug
   fixes, new features, etc.) to existing systems

- working directly with end users to gather specifications and
   requirements for future development

- constructing significant new systems according to gathered
   requirements, maintaining tight communication with end users to
   ensure projects stay on target

To be considered for this position, an applicant must be proficient
with the Python programming language, as well as have familiarity with
web related technologies including HTML/XHTML/XML, CSS, and
Javascript.  (S)he also must have significant experience working
within one or more object oriented application development frameworks,
preferably within a web environment.  Additional consideration will be
given to any applicants who have familiarity or experience with Zope
(an open source web application server) and/or Plone (an open source
content management system).  Finally, this position will require
strong communication skills, as there will be considerable written and
face-to-face interaction w/ end users through all stages of

Systems that this person will be involved with and/or responsible for
include Burning Man's internal extranet system, the Burning Man
questionnaire engine at forms.burningman.com, and the
traces.burningman.com blogging system.  This list will be expanded as
new systems are developed.

This is a part time contract position in San Francisco. On site hours
at BMHQ are required, but can be flexible.

Interested qualified individuals should send a cover letter and
resume to [hidden email] by December 9th, 2005

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