[COMMERCIAL][JOB] Appknox is is looking for experienced Python Developers

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[COMMERCIAL][JOB] Appknox is is looking for experienced Python Developers

dhilipsiva Dhilip
At Appknox, we have built some Microservices, Device Farms (Android & iOS)
& IDE Plugins with Python/Django, Node, Java, Ember to help developers and
enterprises to automatically detect and fix security loopholes in their
Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) / IoT Apps within a few minutes.
Before you wonder: No, you need not know anything at all about security to
apply for tech positions in Appknox. We have experienced security
professionals on-board who will give us scripts to detect vulnerabilities.
Our job is to refine it and integrate it with the whole system. Only
requirement to apply for Appknox is to know how to write good code.


   - You will have to build RESTful APIs
   - You will have to implement new features
   - Optimize the parts of code that you feel can be written better
   - You are responsible for growing your team
   - You take ownership of the product/service you are writing


   - Should have at-least 5 years experience in building backend / web
   application (any scripting language / framework)
   - Of the 5 years thats mentioned above, at least 3 years should be using
   any Python frameworks.
   - Strong HTML; Proficient in JavaScript & CSS
   - You are able to write clean, pragmatic and testable code
   - Comfortable with basic unix commands (+ Shell scripting)
   - Very Proficient in Git & GitHub
   - Proficient in English
   - Have a GitHub & StackOverflow profile
   - Proficient in writing test-first code (a.k.a Writing testable code)
   - Make sure you read our architecture blog post before applying. You
   dont have to understand everything there. But just a high-level
   understanding would be a huge plus
   - You have your own Linux / Mac machine
   - Windows is allowed iff you are a windows power-user and capable of
   setting up dev environment that is identical to Linux/Mac
   - Any other tech-skill that you have that are not in job requirements
   (be sure to mention in the mail)
   - Can play Counter-Strike (Optional. It's okay if you cannot play
   Counter Strike - we will teach you)
   - The number of years may not matter if you show promising skills

*Nice to have (Optional)*

   - Django, Celery is a huge plus
   - DevOps experience is a huge plus
   - Good grasp on client-side JavaScript (or CoffeeScript is huge plus)
   - Have used frontend frameworks like Ember, Angular, Backbone, React
   - SASS / LESS Experience is huge plus

*Job Perks*

   - Competitive Market Salary
   - Free Food (Break Fast + Lunch + Snacks + Tea)
   - Free tickets to conferences related to your profession [PyCon, JSFoo,
   - Flexible office timings
   - Work from home options (infrequent / limited no of days)
   - Counter-Strike office party (this happens often)
   - Monthly Pizza or Beer party
   - Barbecue @ Appknox Terrace on special occasions (veg & non-veg)
   - Random trips to random places
   - Time for open-source contribution (to things that we use here at
   - You can open-source any component that you write (As long as it does
   not contain business logic / secret sauce)

*The Interview Process*

The interview process in the order:

   - 3 programming challenges (If your GitHub/Bitbucket/StackOverflow
   profile is impressive or if have an impressive portfolio - we will not ask
   you to take these challenges. You can skip this, as you have already proven
   yourself, and get to next step)
   - Phone/Skype/Hangouts interview (personal + past experiences + little
   bit of tech) with our Tech Team
   - One week paid-trial. You have to our office and work with us for a
   week (Monday to Friday). If everything goes well, you will be hired. You
   will get paid for the work whether your get hired or not.
   - Play Counter-Strike as a right of passage and become a KnoxStar :)

*How to apply?*

Email engineering[at]appknox[dot]com with the role that you are applying in
the subject and with GitHub, StackOverflow, personal site (or any link that
you think might be useful in evaluating you), etc in the body. Resumes are
okay - but not really valuable for evaluation.

Once we receive your mail - we will send you the programming challenges.
You can take as much time as you want to complete the challenges (But the
sooner is better. The timings will be evaluated too).

Please visit out GitHub careers page for more info:

*PayRange*: 10-20 LPA
*ESOP*: upto 1%

Full Stack & DevOps Engineer.
Website: http://dhilipsiva.com
GitHub: https://github.com/dhilipsiva
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dhilipsiva
E-Mail: [hidden email]
Phone: +91 81977 93582 <+918197793582>
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