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CherryPy 3.2 dispatch and query params



I also have another issue with GearShift and CherryPy 3.2. This time
it's the sequence of the stages "get_resource" and
"process_query_string". With CP 3.1 the query string was parsed  in
process headers (before get_resource). With 3.2 it's parsed by itself
after get_resource. Thus custom dispatchers don't have access to the
query params anymore.

An example of this is the GearShift REST dispatcher that supports
stuff such as POST /resource?_method=DELETE so one can support DELETE
or PUT for clients that only supports POST. But with CP 3.2 the
dispatcher does not have access to the parsed query string anymore.

If it's not a good reason for having "process_query_string" after
"get_resource" I would suggest parsing the query string before getting
the resource.

-- Dag
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