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CherryPy migration to BitBucket

Sylvain Hellegouarch
Hi everyone,

In the past couple of weeks, we've taken on the task to moving CherryPy over to BitBucket. It felt a needed move to provide a better platform for the project to carry on its life and get, hopefully, more traction from the community.

In a nutshell:

* Moving from subversion to mercurial offers the interesting aspect of making it easier for people to contribute and manage their own modifications.
* Once we decided to use mercurial, migrating the code to bitbucket felt natural.
* Obviously it didn't sound sensible not to use the facilities provided by the platform like issue tracking and wiki. So we moved from trac to bitbucket both.
* In the process, many of the old wiki pages were left out as it was decided that sphinx docs were a best path forward.

So basically, we have migrated everything to BitBucket so please update your bookmark for the new CherryPy venue

We really wish this will make CherryPy more visible and therefore attractive for people who aren't aware of it. Since we are a small set of contributors, the project has a rather slow pace, ideally this will make the project look, well, more alive.

What will happen next?

* We will point the domain (as well as to in the coming few days, so don't worry if the domain stops responding for a while.
* We plan on keeping the subversion repository up for a little while, to give you the time to handle the transition. We don't think we are planning on keeping that repo in sync with the mercurial one as we'd like to keep maintenance to a manageable level.
* Trac will be shutdown so please make sure you make copies of pages that are of interest to you.
* The BitBucket wiki will be used solely for the purpose of housekeeping: team involvement, IRC, external links, etc. Eventually no documentation should reside on the wiki. This will be done in the sphinx doc.

How could you help?

* Now that we are using a DVCS, please clone away and don't hesitate to send us pull requests. This will be easier to manage.
* Similarly, the docs needs some loving and we believe the community is mature enough for taking on the responsibility to provide more content, so please fire away.
* Ask any question regarding the migration that you might have.
* Spread the word ;)

We'd like to thank the BitBucket team for their swift and great support in the migration process. They've been fantastic.

Thanks everyone,

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