Cherrypy developer position available in Silicon Valley

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Cherrypy developer position available in Silicon Valley

Do you want to be part of a fast-paced start-up positioned at the leading edge of computational modeling and bioinformatics?

Do you want to help organize, mine, and visualize terabytes of data produced by the world’s largest drug discovery HPC cluster?

Verseon is seeking qualified web-based application developers for Unix / Linux who answer yes to the following questions.


Your primary responsibility will be to develop data organization, mining, and visualization tools on Linux for our in-house chemoinformatics database and our proprietary in-silico drug discovery platform. You will be part of a unique cross-functional team of top-notch computational physicists, chemists, engineers, computer scientists, and drug design experts. You must have strong problem-solving and software development skills and a demonstrated track record of achievement in the development of web-based Unix / Linux applications in a corporate, scientific, or financial environment. You will be working daily with multiple scientists and engineers. Some background (e.g. a Bachelor’s degree) in the sciences (i.e. physics, chemistry, biology, math) or engineering (EE, CS, ME, etc.) is strongly preferred.

Examples of possible relevant web-based application development projects would include those related to LIMS, data mining, data visualization, OLAP automation, financial analysis, project workflow, instrument control, large-scale statistical analysis, operations research.

The emphasis is on the development of user interface front-ends, plugins, and/or other web-based applications. The candidate must also have experience in all facets of the application development life cycle including design, implementation, and testing. You will be expected to develop the applications for use by our R&D department. The candidate must also be self-motivated and write clean, elegant, and maintainable code.


    * B.S. in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Applied Math, Computer Science, Electrical / Mechanical/ Chemical Engineering or related field.
    * Strong expertise in web application development on a Unix / Linux platform.
    * Experience with Python, CGI, HTML & toolkits such as CherryPy / TurboGear.
    * Knowledge of AJAX-type technologies a plus.
    * Understanding of RDBMS, SQL and specifically PostgresSQL a plus.
    * Strong interpersonal and communication skills (both written and verbal).
    * An open mind with the courage to take on challenges.

To Apply--Submit your CV to