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Code Completion and PyDoc integration

I've recently grown an interest in Python with Emacs and I've been having a hard time getting a decent configuration setup. Currently I'm using the built in python.el inside emacs23 but I haven't really found any compelling reason to use either mode over the other, except everyone says python-mode.el doesn't handle triple quote doc strings very well, but I've found a few commits that make me believe that has been fixed.

So my current setup I have working is the following:

(require 'pymacs)
(pymacs-load "ropemacs" "rope-")
(add-hook 'python-mode-hook
         '(lambda () (eldoc-mode 1)) t)

and thats it, this gives me the ability to have *some* code completion via M-/, but this completion doesn't work very well... for example if I import os and type os.p<M-/> it'll give me path, but then if I type os.path.j<M-/> it doesn't give me completion for join. 

The python-hook is to give me documentation support, so if I have os.path.join and hit C-c C-f i'll bring me up the documentation for the method/class my cursor is currently on, which works perfectly.

So i'm turning to you guys in hopes that you will share with me what you've done to get good code completion and documentation working, since these are the 2 most important things to be, I will work on getting pyflake/pylint working once I have these 2 small things working well.

My hope is that I can get some kind of configuration that uses anything, company, or autocomplete with rope so that I get some nice autocomplete menu along with something that integrates those menus with pydoc so I can see signatures of methods while I'm going through the autocomplete list.

Thanks for any tips you may have :)

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