[Commercial] Announcing 20% OFF on Machine Learning Courses | Happy Independence Day

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[Commercial] Announcing 20% OFF on Machine Learning Courses | Happy Independence Day

Deepika Singhal
Dear BangPyper,

Its time to celebrate *73rd **Independence Day and be ready for the
upcoming AI & Machine Learning revolution.*

Analytics Vidhya, world's leading knowledge portal in data science and
machine learning, on this occasion of our 73rd Independence, brings to
you *Biggest
Independence Day Sale (20% OFF on ALL Courses & Programs)* to get you
started on your learning mission with high quality courses & events in Data
Science/Machine Learning.


*73rd Independence Day Sale (13th - 15th August)*

   1. Course: Introduction to Data Science: Learn basics of Python,
   Statistics and Modelling techniques like Linear and Logistic Regression,
   Decision Trees. Get 20% OFF | Use Code: IDAY20

   2. Course: Applied Machine Learning: Learn the basics of machine
   learning, how to build machine learning models, improve and deploy your
   machine learning models. Get 20% OFF | Use Code: IDAY20

   3. Course: Natural Language Processing Using Python: Learn the basics of
   Python, Regular Expression, Topic Modeling, various techniques life TF-IDF,
   NLP using Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Get 20% OFF | Use Code:

   4. Course: Computer Vision Using Deep Learning: Learn to solve Computer
   Vision tasks using state-of-the-art Deep learning algorithms & apply your
   learnings on real-life problems. Get 20% OFF | Use Code: IDAY20

   5. Course: Ace Data Science Interviews: This course covers different
   kinds of interviews in data science industry and how to ace these
   interviews. This includes technical interviews on data science / machine
   learning, case study interviews, guesstimate based interviews. Get 20%
   OFF | Use Code: IDAY20

Looking forward to your participation.

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