[Commercial] Looking for Python Subject Experts

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[Commercial] Looking for Python Subject Experts

Avismara Hugoppalu
Hey guys!

I am Avismara, founder of campus.build. How are y'all doing today?

It’s alarming to see employability numbers in India. Engineers like to
blame the education system for those numbers, but we believe the onus is
also on the IT industry to get involved in teaching students job skills.
That is the reason why we founded this company — to bring the wealth of
knowledge of experienced engineers to college campuses.

To that effect, we are looking for subject experts across a variety of
domains who are also passionate about education and technology to help us
build the course content. We have partnerships with many engineering
colleges who're willing to test our prototype immediately and your work has
the potential to reach even students in the rural areas.

Please contact us if anyone is interested in partnering with us.


Avismara Hugoppalu
CEO & Founder | campus.build
+91 9535803602 <+91+9535803602>

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