[Commercial] Participate in Genesis Hack - a Blockchain Hackathon

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[Commercial] Participate in Genesis Hack - a Blockchain Hackathon

Suzana Joel
Hello, BangPypers,

We’re IBC Media, and we invite you to participate in Genesis Hack - a
six-month-long blockchain hackathon with frequent knowledge sessions.

Why Six Months?

During these six months, Genesis Hack will host a series of blockchain
workshops, meetups, webinars, and podcasts to encourage people to take up
blockchain development and to prepare participants for the final project
demo session.

The hackathon has three tracks:


   The Protocol Track: Build a blockchain protocol from scratch, or pick an
   existing one and make it better.

   The dApp Track: Build dApps with relevant use cases

   The Security Track: Build airtight security for existing blockchain
   applications and protocols

We are also rewarding the winners with cash prizes from an overall sum of INR
1.57 Crores.

Register now for Genesis Hack: http://bit.ly/2VZDh9q


IBC Media Team
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