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Create a buttons with dynamical menu

Petr Hracek
Hi developers,

I am just solving the problem with creating buttons and dynamical
generated menus.

Let's say that I have directory which contains several subdirectories
like (python, perl, java) and under that directories are files like (for
lib, flask, django, pygui
And I would like to create and 3 buttons with names Python, Perl, Java
within Gtk.Grid.
When you press on button event button-press-event is called and menu
with items
lib, flask, django, pygui is create and available for activating.

How to attach some picture to that buttons or how to create a button
with bolded text like *Python* and under that sentence like "python

Any idea how to do that?
3 buttons I have already implemented but I have problem with creating
dynamic menus.

Thank you in advance

Best regards / S pozdravem
Petr Hracek

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