Custom Flex client with differents AMFv3 fields

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Custom Flex client with differents AMFv3 fields

Alexandre DELOUP

I'm currently writing a custom Flex client with PyAMF to send AMFv3
messages to a server without using the Flash application.
I wrote a client that send messages to the remote server based on this
tutorial :
, to match a message format like that : .
The code used to set the values is like this :
>request = RemotingMessage(operation="findEmployeesByName",
>                          destination="runtime-employee-ro",
>                          messageID=str(uuid.uuid4()).upper(),
>                          body=['Marcin'],
>                          clientId=None,
>                          headers={'DSId': str(uuid.uuid4()).upper(),
>                                   'DSEndpoint': 'my-amf',},
>                         )
I can match the fields "operation", "destination", etc...

The problem is that the AMF message I have to send doesn't have this
fields. I extracted the format of the AMF messages with BurpSuite and I
got this fields ( ) that are
not the same.

So, have you a way for me to send my messages, by modifying my code,
rewriting a class like RemotingMessage, or something like that ?

Thank you for all, it's pretty important for me to do that...

Alexandre DELOUP

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