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Suraj Narwade
Hi, 2018 is the second annual community conference sponsored by Red
Hat for developers, System admins, DevOps engineers, testers, documentation
writers and other contributors to open source technologies. This is a open
source community conference and the registration is free. will host wide range of talks and workshops covering all
emerging technologies, latest trends and happenings from DevOps, Machine
learning, Infrastructure, Security ,Cloud and Containers etc. Along with
the technical talk and workshop, also brings open source
contributors, maintainers and enthusiasts under one roof. For all
enthusiastic people seeking an entry into the open source world, this is
conference to attend.

When: August 4th and 5th 2018

Venue: Christ University - Bengaluru, India

You should consider attending if you are:

* A developer

* A technology architect

* An IT consultant

* An IT student or a teacher from an IT university/faculty

Or simply an IT enthusiast interested in the latest trends in open source
and emerging digital technologies

Reference to all talks, speakers and workshops lined up for the event can
be found in the below url


Event Schedule :

If you like the talks that have been lined up, register for free for the
conference under a minute by hitting the below registration link.

Event Registration: devconfin-2018-registration

We would appreciate if you can  spread the word with other like minded
people in your network by tweeting and sharing about the conference.

DevConf also has time allotted for lightning talks. Register for lighting
talks on the event day and share your ideas, talk about your current
project and attract contributors.

Please Follow the below twitter handle for further conference updates,

If you have any questions or want to reach out to the organizing committee,
then email to [hidden email] or use the devconf_in twitter handle.

The journey of open source, its strong existence and supremacy over all the
latest technologies calls for a great amount of zeal and passion from the
community, begin your opensource journey by joining the DevConf community.

Suraj Narwade
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