Different behavior in ListVIew Vs CreateView (class based views )

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Different behavior in ListVIew Vs CreateView (class based views )

kanishk tanwar
class SchoolListView(ListView):
template_name = 'app/List.html'
context_object_name = 'schools'
model = models.School

# i have this first class here i don't need to define attribute like

# ListView.model and ListView.template_name etc

# But-------> in CreateView its a totally different story

class SchoolCreateView(CreateView):
model = models.School
fields = ['name', 'principal', 'location']
template_name = 'app/Form.html'

# here if i omit CreateView.model or CreateView.fiels or createView.template_name
# i got an exception which states Imporperly configured CreateView missing query set
# i am learning class base views from a tutorial and he is using django version 1.10.5
# and his code works fine without using CreateView is that the issue??
# or i am doing some bad stuff kindly help

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