Distutils2 Sprint in Montreal

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Distutils2 Sprint in Montreal

Éric Araujo
  Hi all,

  The Montreal-Python user group (http://montrealpython.org/) is hosting
a sprint on the 21st of April to work on Distutils2.  I will lead the
sprint and commit the patches into the main distutils2 and cpython
repositories, with the help of a few local hackers. If you live in
Montreal, bring your laptop and your enthusiasm, we will provide the
food and the good times!  No previous knowledge of Distutils2 is
required, just general Python skills.

  Distutils2, as many of you know, is the official successor of
Distutils. It aims to be a better, more flexible and more featureful
packaging tool for Python authors, as well as a collection of reusable
modules implementing the PEPs produced by the distutils-sig  third-party
packaging tools developers.  Everybody loves pip and buildout :)  With
the first beta versions of Distutils2 and Python 3.3 (which includes
Distutils2) coming in June, we are planning a series of sprints to make
it ready for prime time.

  During the sprint, the organization team will guide you through the
codebase and provide help and review if you need them.  Previous sprints
held in Montreal have improved Distutils2, and the participants have had
fun and learned things, in line with their motto “For hacks and glory!”.
 Why don’t you come along for the next one and put your mark on a Python

  The good folks at Radialpoint have graciously provided us with space
and free pizza. Come join us on Saturday, the 21st of April, from 12pm
to 7pm.

  The address is: 2050 Bleury Street
                  Suite 300
  Map: http://g.co/maps/cuaxc

  Registration: http://www.eventbrite.ca/event/3261945567 (preferable
but not required)

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