Do I need a special widget for multi-choice fields

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Do I need a special widget for multi-choice fields

Mike Dewhirst-3
The use case is on-line training software for a trainer entering a bunch
of statements as possible answers to a single question. The student user
needs to see this as a bunch of corresponding radio-buttons or select
drop-down for a single answer selection.

I've looked at the docs: 


I'm using a ModelForm but the model's answer field does not use choices.
The possible answers are all in (up to) six separate fields on the same
model. I know this is premature denormalisation but it seemd like a good
idea at the time.

Do I need to build a special widget which harvests the possibilities
from those separate fields?

Maybe I have to construct the choices in a callable?

Is there a better way?

Thanks for any light



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