Documenting the use of CPython and zipfiles?

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Documenting the use of CPython and zipfiles?

I went looking for documentation on how to use Python's version of jar
files today.  It's very well hidden in the 2.3.5 documentation on my
MacOS X 10.4.2 system.  I finally found documentation of "zipimport"
in the 2.4 documentation (still fairly hidden).  But along the way, I
wondered several times why there was no document about "Using Python",
or even just the CPython man page (I was thinking of Java's "-jar"
command-line flag), in the standard documentation set you see when you
visit the documentation on the Web site.

I guess you'd want something like:

  1. Invoking CPython
  2. Notes about CPython on Windows
  3. Notes about CPython on MacOS X
  4. Notes about CPython on Linux

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