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Dutch Django meetup revival

Erik Romijn-3
Hi all,

The Dutch Django meetup is back! After a long hiatus, the Dutch Django Association is organising a new meetup in Amsterdam. This meetup is hosted and sponsored by our friends at Byte: http://www.meetup.com/dutch-django-assocation/events/228016733/

We'd love to see you there, whether you're a new Django user or have used it for so long that you still remember the first Dutch Django meetup.

There's still one opening for another speaker. If you have anything you'd like to share, please get in touch on [hidden email]. You don't need to be an experienced speaker or Django user, and we're happy to help you refine your idea or your presentation. Your talk can be anywhere between 2 and 20 minutes.

To make this a sustainable regular meetup, we are looking for volunteers to organise (some of) the meetups. We're happy to help with tips, recommending speakers or contacts. You don't need any experience in organising meetups either, although it does help. However, if we do not find any volunteers, this will be a very short lived revival.

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