Error running Addressbook example from blog

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Error running Addressbook example from blog


When I try to run the "Addressbook" example from this URL:

I get a browser error dialog which says:

TypeError: Error #1034:
Type Coercion failed:
 cannot convert mx.utils::ObjectProxy@3b3c4c59 to mx.messaging.messages.IMessage.

I see this error on both Safari-4.0.4 and Firefox-3.5.8, each having this flash plugin
release: MAC 10,0,42,34 (Debug player)

However, if I checkout from source control, per directions here:


svn export addressbook-example
cd addressbook-example/python

Then start the wsgiref locally and open the HTML locally, the addressbook app
works just fine:


Could the blog deployment be out-of-date?


Chris Wolf
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