EuroPython 2018: Call for Proposals closes on Sunday

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EuroPython 2018: Call for Proposals closes on Sunday

M.-A. Lemburg-3
We would like to remind you that our two week call for proposals (CFP)
closes on Sunday, May 20.

If you’d like to submit a talk, please see our CFP announcement for

Submissions are possibe via the CFP page on the EuroPython 2018

We’d like to invite everyone to submit proposals for talks, trainings,
panels, etc. Looking at the submission counts, we are especially
looking for more trainings submissions (note that you get a free
conference ticket and training pass as trainer of a selected

Submissions will then go into a talk voting phase where EuroPython
attendees of previous years can vote on the submissions. The program
work group will then use these votes as basis for the final talk
selection and scheduling.

We expect to have the schedule available by end of May.

Please help us spread this reminder by sharing it on your social
networks as widely as possible. Thank you !

Link to the blog post:


EuroPython 2018 Team


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