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真正靠谱的工作机会哪,如果刚好有web+mobile 应用经验的行者,应该冲一下 ;)

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From: Jarno <[hidden email]>
Date: Jan 5, 2008 7:52 PM
Subject: Eduardo Sciammarella征召Python Engineer
To: cpug-eastchina <[hidden email]>

我是沈洁元,可能因为若干年前翻译《A Byte of Python》的缘故,最近,一位Eduardo Sciammarella先生找到我。他是
一家美国软件公司的CEO,他正在上海出差,希望在上海组建一个软件开发团队,开发Fidg'T 产品。关于Fidg'T,可以查看这个网站
http://www.fidgt.com  以及google有关资料。这个Fidg'T目前已经完成了测试版。新团队将会在上海继续这个产品的开

Eduardo Sciammarella先生委托我,找一些Python Engineer参加这个团队。不过至于我自己,因为另外有职务,所以未必

So as far as the Shanghai team - I probably will want to have 4
engineers in the first year. I think 2 for Web (Python, SQL, Flash,
etc..) and 2 mobile(J2ME & Symbian)

My first goal is to find one person to lead the team - they will be
lead software manager - but also a developer - It would be best if I
can find someone with Web and mobile experience together.

We are now re-doing our software architecture in the US - We are using
Python with Django and Twisted - If you know of any good Python
engineers here in Shanghai that would be great.

Right now we are self-funded - but we are in discussions with some
strategic investors in mobile space.


大家可以通过Email练习我:jieyuan.shen@163.com或jieyuan.[hidden email]
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