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Fwd: PyCharm 2.0 EAP open and 50% discount still works

Tony Cappellini-2
For those interested in buying PyCharm at a discount

Have you heard that PyCharm 2.0 is coming soon and you can try it already?

Wonder what's coming in 2.0?
- Mako and Jinja templates editing
- Support for IPython
- Support for PyPy
- Cython support
- Reporting of parameter type mismatch in function calls and binary operators
- Distinct highlighting for Unicode and byte strings
- and many other things...

Read more about the Early Access Preview at
http://blog.jetbrains.com/pycharm/2011/09/pycharm-2-0-eap-open and
download it to try.

Also make sure you don’t miss our 50% discount in September! Note that
if you buy a license now, it will be still valid for the 2.0 release -

Develop with pleasure!
The PyCharm Team
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