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Andreas Röhler

Actually, as an aside, what sort of workflows do people have when
using emacs with something like python? Being relatively new to emacs
I've been struggling slightly with finding an optimal workflow.

For example, in other editors/IDEs my workflow would be something
along the lines of:
1. Edit code
2. Run something like pylint or pychecker over the code, run the unit
tests, etc
3. Run the app via the debugger
4. Catch any crashes or problems in the debugger, fix them, and start

In emacs, cycling from editing code to running it under the debugger
seems a touch fiddly, largely because it seems to involve more than
hitting a single key. I've also tried the 'run/reimport buffer into
the interpreter workflow' without much success, in that I usually just
want to rerun my app from scratch rather than reload just the file I'm
working on.

I suspect that I'm so used to the usual IDE workflow that I'm
overlooking something fundamental. Any insights would be much



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