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kirby urner-4
Anyone here on edu-sig have experience with the product below
(appended from user group traffic)?

I've been away on math-teach duty, expostulating on tetrahedral
mensuration again, the intersection with Python + VPython (or Python +
POV-Ray) being polyhedra, vector objects etc.


I don't get coherent / articulate objections to these proposals, so
it's not like I'm countering specific arguments.  The National Council
of Teachers of Mathematics seems to have come around.


math-thinking-l has gone back to sleep.

This essay remains one of my strongest, re a type-based
object-oriented approach to algebra (what the functional programmers
will probably want to shoot down):


Today's concern is how to counter the stereotype of Computational Math
as purely sedentary.

Doing mathematics and doing physically strenuous activities should not
always been considered opposite ends of the spectrum.


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From: JM Maranan <[hidden email]>
Date: Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 6:00 PM
Subject: [pinoy-python-users] Dreampie - a new graphical shell for Python
To: Pinoy-Python-Users <[hidden email]>

Just found out a new Python shell from the mailing list. Here is a
feature in a breeze from the author himself

I'm pleased to announce DreamPie 1.0 - a new graphical interactive
Python shell!

Some highlights:

* Has whatever you would expect from a graphical Python shell -
attribute completion, tooltips which show how to call functions,
highlighting of matching parentheses, etc.
* Fixes a lot of IDLE nuisances - in DreamPie interrupt always works,
history recall and completion works as expected, etc.
* Results are saved in the Result History.
* Long output is automatically folded so you can focus on what's
* Jython and IronPython support makes DreamPie a great tool for
exploring Java and .NET classes.
* You can copy any amount of code and immediately execute it, and you
can also copy code you typed interactively into a new file, with the
Copy Code Only command. No tabs are used!
* Free software licensed under GPL version 3.

Check it out at http://dreampie.sourceforge.net/ and tell me what you

Have fun,

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